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The BENORS firm started its business activities in 1993, when it began to provide the personal leasing services (today, it is a Temporary Employment Agency) in machine engineering professions. It covered mainly the machine engineering works like welding, turning, metal working, and locksmith works.

Since January 1996, the firm has extended its activities to engineering manufacture of precise parts made under technical documentation, which are processed by modern machine tools – laser and plasma centre. This business activity is performed in the premises self by the PD Vysočany agricultural cooperative, approximately 12 km from Bánovce nad Bebravou.

The firm has gradually oriented to manufacture of ready-made parts for solid fuel combustion boilers, and at present it focuses on manufacture of wicks for forest tractors and accessories as e.g. rolls, hangers, etc. These are exported to an EU member state. As these products have higher added value, maximum accuracy must be observed in the manufacturing technologic process, which ensures maximum possible level of quality. The manufacturing program is various. The firm makes small parts and other parts of machine equipment according to the technical documentation.

In addition to manufacture, the firm provides the international truck transport, local bus transport, and services of the Temporary Employment Agency.

The firm owns a land in the industrial zone of the district town of Bánovce nad Bebravou, where it plans to build, in the future, its own manufacturing facilities with excellent infrastructure and accessibility. The new facilities will be naturally equipped by new CNC technologies.

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Welding and    locksmith

Laser and plasma

Metal working

Truck transport

Clementisova 1157/10
957 01  Bánovce nad Bebravou

tel/fax: +421 38 7603107

Place of business:
Vysočany 9 (Areál PD)
956 35 Nedašovce
okr. Bánovce nad Bebravou

tel: +421 38 768 7219
fax:+421 38 768 7352

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